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An important way to appraise the value of a Roof Coating System is to consider the Warranty. Warranties can be an effective tool in understanding both the benefits and limitations of a particular type of Roof Coating System. The Coating Experts at SCT can assist you in explaining what types of warranties are available. We can also help you to determine what type of warranty is best for your particular needs.


A Roofing Contractor’s Warranty is simply a warranty stating the Roofing Contractor’s obligations. Most Roofing Contractor Coating Warranties are very limited. In many cases, they do not include any labor for repairs. SCT Standard Coating Warranty includes repairs to leakage caused by either defects in Materials or defects in Workmanship.

Containment Warranty


Secondary containment is the only method of leak detection without allowing a release to the environment. It is the best method available to protect against spills and leaks to the environment. However, if not operated and maintained properly, secondary containment systems are ineffective. Worse they can become inoperable and you may not know about the problem until a release to the environment has occurred.


SCT offers full warranties on all of our Containment and Secondary containment coatings systems. These include an annual inspection to insure that system remains in working condition.


 Full Protection Warranty

Our reputation for providing Coating systems that deliver the highest in performance and durability combined with a safe and aesthetic surface has given new meaning to custom engineered environments.


To prove it, we back our coatings systems with a hassle-free, 5-year warranty that you can trust. 
We always reserve the right to match or beat any competitors reasonable written warranty.

Your SCT Warranty

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