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Companies like yours depend on technological expertise as well as a wide variety of applications, including coatings for corrosion resistance.


SCT has you covered with over a century of combined experience in coatings solutions, with the ability to deliver the diversification in coatings protection systems that you depend on. Our teams of SSPC Certified managers and National Association Of Corrosion Engineer members are strategically placed throughout the United States, ready to serve you and our account partners nationwide. We aim to provide the best possible opportunity for success.



You're a valued partner

Treating our customers the way we want to be treated is the guiding principle that is the foundation of SCT, and it continues to pave the way to great sucess for both us and our partners. With SCT you're not just a customer or client, you're a partner, offering you only the highest quality products and services that you can depend on. We forge ahead together for mutual success.


our services

Wash Rooms
 Food and bevrage​
Water Features

Roof restoration Coatings

We deliver a better protected surface than a brand new unit by pouring brand new RynoKoat pan into corroded condensate pans and installing our moisture cured Rust Eliminator Urethane to the vertical surface. Best of all, you're fully covered as our warranties are multi year, non-prorated, and include labor and material.

Roof coatings

SCT offers a variety of waterproofing, weatherproofing, and reflective coating systems that restore and extend the life of weathered roof systems. With the energy savings, we can show you a Return On Investment (ROI) that will prove that the proper roofing system that we provide, will pay for itself.

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